Yacht Services

With its own offices and experienced staff in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey, and Greece, Noatum Cruise Services offers professional and personal support to the yachting industry.

Port Operations for Yatchs

  • Berth reservations
  • Clearance
  • Crew Visas and Immigration procedures
  • Authorities’ assistance: Port, Customs, Immigration & Harbour Master
  • Spare parts and technical services
  • Freight handling
  • Warehousing
Supplies for Yatchs

Supplies for Yatchs

  • Bunkering
  • Fresh provisions, supplies and catering
  • Yacht cleaning
  • Laundry Services
  • Banking transaction – Cash to master
  • Mailing and courier services
  • Internet & Telephone
  • 24hrs medical services

Concierge services for Yatchs

  • VIP concierge services
  • Travel and transportation
  • Exclusive Tours & experiences
  • Hotel, restaurants & entertainment reservations
  • Helicopter & jet rental
Concierge services for Yatchs